Nintendo Switch / Lite repair

  • No charge
  • charging port is bent
  • Touch panel does not respond
  • screen does not appear
  • No video from the dock to the TV
  • very hot
  • repaired it myself and it broke
  • No sound
  • can’t read the game card
  • No turn on
  • joycon Malfunction
  • joycon Not recognized
  • blue screen
  • stop at Switch logo
  • want to backup only save data

Pasojuku accepts consultations on various repairs related to Nintendo Switch / Lite as described above.
”What should I do, replacement by purchase?”If you have any problems with Nintendo Switch / Lite, please feel free to contact us.
We have more than 200 Nintendo switches repaired, so feel free to leave it to us.
In addition, Pasojuku repairs computers, iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

Nintendo Switch / Lite repair place

Details of repairPrice(JPY)
Replacing the charging port (USBC)12,780
Various IC chip replacement14,780
Blue screen repair17,980
LCD connector replacement14,780
TV output failure12,780
joycon analog stick malfunction1,480
Do not recognize joycon (slide rail replacement)2,280
LCD screen replacement7,800
Touch panel replacement6,300
CPU fan replacement3,980
Battery exchange5,980

All prices include tax.

we will do this kind of repair[Japan national delivery repair nintendo switch]

Charge port(USBC)repair

repair nocharge

USB C port that has been crushed by the pressure of plugging and unplugging the charging cable.
In this state, charging is not possible, and in the worst case, the shorted pin may damage the board or the cable may not come off.
If this happens, please do not overdo it and contact us immediately.

no charge

*The red circle is the charging port that was damaged this time

Once the motherboard is removed, all you have to do is replace the USB port, but this USB port is quite awkward to install.
There are 12 contacts that are visible to the naked eye and 12 hidden contacts that are invisible.
Melting and removing invisible solder can be a daunting task, but if you have veteran soldering skills, you may want to try it before repairing.

*If you want to challenge yourself, we sell parts for this charging port, so please purchase from our website.

repair charge port

Reinforce the charging port as needed.

switch no charge

repair nocharge

If the chip or capacitor surrounded by red is damaged and cannot be charged, replace the relevant part.
As long as you can get the parts for these, if you are a dexterous person, you can replace them yourself.

* If you want to challenge yourself, we sell these parts, so please purchase from our website.

inductor broken

The cause is completely unknown, but the inductor that has fallen off for some reason. Very rarely, there are cases like this.

switch no charge repair

switch no charge repair

Repairing damage to the LCD latch / actuator (LCD cable connection)

If I disassembled the switch myself, I broke the part that connects the LCD, and the screen disappeared! The number of inquiries has been increasing recently.
Since the method of disassembling the Nintendo Switch is published on Youtube etc. (Paso Juku is also published), it seems that more and more people are thinking of trying it for themselves.
The feeling of trying it for the time being is very important. Please be assured that Paso Juku will support you if something goes wrong.

LCD latch replacement

The part surrounded by red is the part (latch and actuator) for connecting the connector coming from the liquid crystal.
I didn’t take it in the photo, but in this case, only one pin in this part is broken.
The translucent gel-like part of the liquid crystal latch part in the photo is flux paste.
When actually removing it, you need to use something like this to make it easier to remove.
If you try to peel it off with pliers, the contacts (lands) on the board side will peel off, so be careful when working.

LCD latch replacement

The removal is completed successfully. The contacts also remain clean.
After the removal is complete, clean the remaining solder and scattered pins.

LCD latch replacement

Removed latch.


Solder carefully. At Pasojuku, soldering is done with the naked eye, but it is recommended that you use a stereomicroscope when you try for yourself.

* If you want to challenge yourself, we sell these parts, so please purchase from our website.

joycon Replacement and repair of slide rails

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con may or may not be recognized.
This is caused by a failure of the slide rail inside the joy-con of the Nintendo switch or the slide rail attached to the main body side, or a break in the flexible cable that connects the joy-con and the main body.

joycon repair

It looks like the Nintendo Switch is disassembled a little.
The parts marked in red in the image are the slide rails.

joycon repair

I don’t know what it looks like, but if the board or cable here is broken, the recognition will be inadequate.

joycon repair

I was able to replace it in about 10 minutes.

It’s a relatively easy task, so it might be a good idea to try it before requesting repairs.
One thing to note is that if you raise the latch part on the board side to which the cable is connected with all your strength, it will break and become irreparable, so please be careful.

* If you want to challenge yourself, we sell these parts, so please purchase from our website.

Screen deep blue / blue screen repair

Suddenly the screen turned blue and the switch couldn’t be activated!
Although such cases are rare, they occur very rarely.
There are several reasons for a blue screen, most of which are due to peeling of the CPU or memory that is soldered directly onto the motherboard.
These parts are peeled off when the internal base bends like a bow.
This repair is very difficult and less likely to be repaired than other repairs. Even if it can be repaired, there is a high risk of recurrence.
Therefore, I really want to retrieve the save data inside This repair is recommended for those who say.
At Pasojuku, we carry out such repairs without erasing the data, so if you have any problems, please contact us once.

I will do this kind of repair


Even if the power is turned on, only a deep blue screen is displayed.


A device called a reflow furnace heats the board and rewelds the solder.
In some cases, use a heat gun or the like to remove specific parts and reattach them.

blue screen

I was able to start it safely.
* Once started, it is strongly recommended to back up your save data while it is working properly.

Main differences between manufacturer repair and repair in Pasojuku maintenance

For repairs, there are various methods such as repairs by the manufacturer (Nintendo) and repair companies such as Paso Juku Maintenance.

Reference price for manufacturer repair
There is a sense of security in repairing by the manufacturer, but there are still advantages and disadvantages.
Please refer to the main differences from the case of using Switch repair for Paso Juku maintenance.

Main differences between manufacturer repair and repair in Pasojuku maintenance

About data

The same can be said for PC repair, but the biggest disadvantage of manufacturer repair is that the data inside will be erased and the settings will be initialized.
It’s very sad that all the save data of the game that you worked hard on will be erased.
With Switch repair for Paso Juku maintenance, only the defective parts are replaced, so it is possible to repair with important data and settings as they are.

About repair period

In the case of manufacturer repair, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks because the flow is application → quotation reply → mail.

In the Nintendo Switch repair of Pasojuku Maintenance, if the parts are in stock, we will deliver them in 1 to 2 days.

About charges

In the case of manufacturer repair, the amount may change depending on the condition.
In Switch repair of Paso Juku maintenance, we will always clearly inform you of the price in the quotation before repair and repair only the broken part.

Precautions for Switch repair
All prices are tax-included and JPY.
Even if the repair results in “repair not possible”, a disassembly work fee of 2,200 yen will be charged.

Various payment methods

In Pasojuku Maintenance, you can select various payment methods such as cash payment, paypal payment, QR payment such as Paypay and Rakuten Pay.

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Address of repaired goods

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When packing, wrap it in an air cap (protective material) and send only the main body.
You don’t have to come with a charger.

We would appreciate it if you could let us know before shipping.